The Division of Dynasties

A new town, a new world.
Day 1

A small welcome to the town of Windbarrow, located on the island of Kost in the Dividing Ocean. Rowan, Leon and Brawm have all ventured here from distant shores. Luck or fate have drawn these three adventurers together in a simple bar, and they’re already pretty much getting along. They seem to have arrived in the middle of a celebration, the 500 year old Trio Festival. As they ventured out to ask about it, they discovered a magnificently false mansion, owned by a dwarf named Drunn. He spoke to them and told them of how the town has been slowly falling apart due to not being able to export anything besides a few gnomish inventions. He told the heroes of a lost teleportation circle that may be able to be fixed and restore the town, and they set off to activate it once more.

Quests so far:
-Ask that dwarvish smithy about the location of the teleportation circle.
-Fix the circle using a ritual given by Drunn.
-Leon scammed the dwarf into giving 85 gold as a reward
-10 XP for Rowan and Brawm, 20 XP for Leon.


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