The only large town located on the Isle of Pick. Used to a thriving waypoint for wizards and other magic users, due to its powerful teleportation circle. However, the circle was destroyed in an unexplained magical catastrophe, which simultaneously seemed to make the local guild vanish somewhere.

It is a very fancy town, with large squares and roads constructed of large granite slabs, giving it a very metropolitan air. Many of the houses and businesses have closed and fallen into disrepair. There is a very high number of homeless people, most of them being human, but there are a mix of dwarves and elves as well. The only worthwhile export from this town is gnomish inventions, which are given as gifts or as keepsakes in many different kingdoms.

The local inn is the Copper Dragon, with a very old and irritable barkeep who always seems to be anywhere but in the bar.

Drunn lives in a Mordenkainen’s magnificent mansion in a small plot of land just east of the inn. The mansion vanishes from time to time but has become an accepted part of the town. However, nobody local have ever met or even seen Drunn outside before.


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